Welcome distractions.

  Distractions.  Ah those wonderful pastimes that take us away from what we’re meant to be doing.  Those thoughts, foods, people, pets, songs that mean we don’t have to sit with our thoughts.  The ability to immerse ourselves into something, anything,...

How I Halt Analysis Paralysis!

  There are fewer things that can halt your progress more than the terrible, debilitating affliction of…analysis paralysis.  You know what I’m talking about.  Overthinking to the extent that nothing actually gets done and you are, in effect, paralysed...

The Lonely Journey

There are days when I wake up and think “why do I bother with this self-development bull****?!”   I mean, it’s such a lonely journey to take.  I work alone a lot, I have some very radical views on life and healing, not everyone in my circle is on the...

Christine has a wonderful and unique coaching style. She is softly spoken and calm, with some really simple and easy methods that help you feel good! Better still, they are fun to do! Working with Christine never feels like a chore or an effort, it’s something I look forward to doing whenever I get the opportunity.


Digital Entrepreneur, Spain

I have really enjoyed and benefited from the sessions with Christine. She has helped me out of a two year long rut and I am now starting to see positive results.  The suggestions she makes to support me have been creative and easy to implement. And more importantly they have worked. She takes notice of the feedback I give her, so that she has been able to provide me with a truely tailor made life coaching experience. I will certainly be coming back with any future issues where I think she could support me. Thanks Christine – I have really appreciated your help and the success it has brought me!


Forensic Psychologist, UK

When i first started the coaching session with Christine, i was a lost, unfulfilled and unhappy individual whose self esteem was hurt.  However, after the first session, i was able to feel her keenness in helping me to get past my troubles and become a better person.

With her techniques and advice, i was able to become more self aware, more confident, and dared to go out of my comfort zone.  I learnt a great deal about myself and what was important for me to feel fulfilled. After providing me the knowledge and advice, she then gave me the steps needed to reach the goals and objectives that i wish to achieve.

Within 6 months, I was transformed from a scared, lost and unhappy kid, to someone who is taking charge of their life. My self esteem has never been higher.  I have founded my own company, I have a clear vision of how I want to do things, my communication skills have improved and others pay more attention to me.

I would say I am my best self today and I have Christine to thank.

For those who wish to have a change in their lives, find purpose or to reach a higher level, Christine will definitely be of a significant help.

Thank you Christine.




Initially skeptical about the concept of life coaching, I have to be honest and say I have been blown away by Christine’s skills and abilities.  Living life at 500 mph, feeling very demotivated in my job and suffering increased anxiety meant that something had to give.  Christine has been pivotal in motivating me to get stuff done while changing my outlook on life.  Christine’s advice and useful insights drawn from her own experience in life have taught me how to live life in the moment, enjoying the present without living in the past and stressing about the future.


Finance Consultant, UK

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